Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two More Charged in Attack on Soldier March 15-07

Two more charged in
Attack on Soldier
By JON WILLING (Ottawa Sun)
Two more men have been charged in the alleged assault of a decorated Canadian soldier at a Morrisburg bar.
Nick's Bar
The slogan? "Get your kicks at Nicks!"
Morrisburg Plaza
Morrisburg, Ontario
Master Cpl. Collin Fitzgerald, 27, was in his hometown last weekend when he decided to visit a local pub. Early Saturday, he was knocked unconscious and received cuts to his face and a broken foot. Fitzgerald received the Medal of Military Valour last month for his courageous actions in Afghanistan.
OPP had already charged Travis Baldwin, 21, of Morrisburg with aggravated assault. Police have now charged Ian D. Tait, 22, and Jeremy Stewart, 19, both of Morrisburg, with assault causing bodily harm. They will appear in court May 7.
Police are looking for more witnesses in the investigation.

Anyone with information can call 613-534-2223
An ongoing SD&G OPP investigation has resulted in further arrests and charges for a serious assault that occurred on 10 Mar 2007 in the village of Morrisburg.Two further males have been arrested:• Ian D. TAIT 22 year old of Morrisburg • Jeremy STEWART 19 year old of Morrisburg Both males have been charged with assault cause bodily harm and are to appear in Morrisburg Court on the 01 May 07.Officers appreciate the assistance received so far from the public but continue to look for further witnesses in this investigation. If anyone has information on this incident, they are asked to call SDG OPP at 613-534-2223 to speak with Cst. Evans or another member of the Crime Unit.


Bert said...

More on Travis Baldwin...
Bob said,
March 15, 2007 at 10:49 pm
Travis has been a little sh*t his whole life so this is no big surprise. My wife went to high school with these giabronis and hearing their names was no surprise whatsoever.
Unfortunately, there’s a Travis, Ian, and Jeremy along with a couple friends each in every crowd in the Morrisburg area. It’s nearly impossible to have a drink anywhere without running into at least one of them trying to cause trouble. Then, go to a major event where the whole town comes out and it’s a guarantee that there’s going to be a fight.
But, one has to be careful in a small town because everyone knows everyone. It was likely pretty easy to find out who it was. I’ll be surprised if there isn’t another name or two that get thrown into this.
Travis is the victim? How about that kid that he chased into a house and beat the crap out of last year? Never heard how that ended but I guess he was the victim there too.
The latest thing I heard was Mrs. Baldwin (Travis’ mom) was telling anyone who will listen that it’s not Travis’ fault because he’s never been the same since the big divorce.
Give me a break. This little punk has been sheltered his whole life. It’s about time he accepted some responsibility for his actions.

Military Mom said...

Thanks Bert for posting. By the sounds of things, the town has previously been terrorized by these guys. (and with possible intent of continuation- per one of the deleted linked notes) Thank you for assisting us in viewing from the perspective of the people in Morrisburg.