Monday, May 14, 2007

"Military Moms"

This is a portion of a poem sent into me by Del "Abe" Jones and I thought I'd share it with you..

Del 'Abe' Jones served in the United States Air Force, 1958-1961, 92nd Combat Defense Squadron, K-9 Corps, Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington.
Today, Jones is a father of four and grandfather to eight who reside in Spokane, Washington. He continues to write poetry and hopes to be successful as a song lyricist in Tennessee. He is also now collaborating with a photographer, Dominic Alessandra on a book of Alessandra's photographic artwork and Jones' accompanying poetry. It's about indigenous peoples around the world.

Further writings by Mr Jones can be viewed at :
I love it. Thank you.

Military Moms
We must Honor all those Mothers
Of all those who have Served
And Sacrifices that they made
With our, “Thanks!”, so well deserved.

It takes a very Special Lady
To let Her Child go off to War
Or just to join the Military
With the pride and fear and more.

There’s too many Gold Star Mothers
And if you might know of one
Please send Her a special wish
To praise Her Daughter or Son.

Military Moms are the Greatest
With a strength beyond compare
Who hope and pray their loved one
Comes Home safe, from over there.

So, let’s keep them in our thoughts
And hope their prayers come true
All those Moms and all those Troops
Who stand Strong and Proud, and True.

Written by: Del “Abe” Jones

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