Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Sea of Red and Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund

Mr. Thibideau and I are here to assist in uniting our country in Support of our Troops.

On April 21, 2007, the Town of Uxbridge Ontario held a parade and mass rally in support of our troops stationed in Kandahar, around the world, and at home. The turn out exceeded everyone's expectations!

Organizer Dave Thibodeau began by taping messages of support from local service groups and the idea caught fire, and it grew. As word spread about the event, other towns throughout Durham Region got involved. York Region also had some representation in the Parade.

Thousands donned red t-shirts and participated in a parade, drum-head service, songs and more. The military sent a helicopter, a C-130, and Canada's Top Gun Captain Steven Neirlich in a CF-18 Hornet, from CFB Bagotville.

This emotionally moving demonstration of support sent a clear message. As always, we support those who have put themselves in harms way, for the good of others.

They have created a short video as a contribution to the outpouring of support, and it went with Dave's video messages to Kandahar to show the troops that we support them. In view of recent events they felt this will be a much needed moral booster.

See their website at:

They are now creating a one-hour memento DVD of the entire event and it's available for sale. For a copy of a DVD of "A Sea of Red", send $20 and a copy of the order form click here to view (if you are having difficulty viewing the form, simply email me and I'll forward one onto you) and send to:

Sea of Red c/o Dave Thibodeau
Uxbridge Legion #170
109 Franklin Street,
PO Box 137,
Uxbridge Ontario,
L9P 1M6

You will receive a copy of "A Sea of Red" DVD AND the money you send (100%) will be sent and donated to the Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund!

Note: Clulow & Associates, and the Uxbridge Legion have produced this video on a voluntary basis to ensure that every possible penny donated goes to the fund.

Help Support Sapper Mike McTeague's Wounded Warrior Fund.. order a DVD (or a few) today!

Now.. that's "Support for Support for our Troops!"
A big HUA for Dave and Diane Thibodeau, the City of Uxbridge, and Clulow & Associates

And a BIG HUA for Sapper Mike McTeague and Captain Wayne Johnston!

The Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warriors Fund supports wounded soldiers who are rushed from the battlefield for emergency medical treatment. During this very traumatic period they are separated from the support of their fellow soldiers, their families and all their personal belongings. The fund provides some support during this period of extraordinary stress. When an injured soldier leaves an operational theatre, they do so quickly and without warning. Often they have with them just the clothes on their back and it is here where they are at their most vulnerable. This special fund sets out to alleviate this inconvenient deficiency by contributing quality of life items to the soldier.The “Wounded Warrior Packs” drive will contain a variety of items, which includes individual entertainment devices (like DVD player, MP3 players) to personal blankets among other items. In addition, hospitals that care for Canadian Forces personnel are to be installed with an entertainment library of video games, music and DVD movies. As well an Internet-equipped laptop or computers, items such as pool tables and other games and telephone services and Personal hospital TVs will be established.Many of you may be wondering if this should be the responsibility of the Department of Defense or the tax payer. Although this is a reasonable question the answer needs explanation. This fund raises monies to purchase gifts and needs to support the wounded and their morale. It is very much the same as you sending a gift to a soldier in theatre over seas. Should the taxpayer or DND pay for your gifts? Simply no. We would rather send the gifts from Canadians who wish to show they care as you would too. As every Canadian who lives in this gracious country, must acknowledge the peace on our land we have for over a hundred years. Our military involvement world wide has resulted in peace in our nation by standing in harms way abroad so we don't have too here in Canada.This benevolent fund for the quality of morale and state of mind for injured soldiers during the healing or rehabilitation process is an honorable way for anyone to demonstrate their appreciation.

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