Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Calling all past and present 10 Tactical Air Group (10 TAG) 1 Wing , and army aviation personnel!"

If you’re one that likes to trap co-workers at the water cooler with your latest wild, behind-the stick adventures; or if you’ve ever started a sentence with “Back in my day...”; or if you just want to ensure your place in history, do Colonel Dabros has a forum for you!

Colonel Mike Dabros, 1 Wing Commander has commissioned a new project designed to capture
the “human” side of the tactical military helicopter community called Tac Hel Memories
Project. Its purpose is not only to share one’s tales, but ensure the various voices of 10 TAG/1 Wing are heard and duly noted for future generations to enjoy.

The Tac Hel Memories Project is looking for stories about personal experiences on past
missions, exercises or on various characters you have worked with in the 10 TAG/1 Wing family.

The story can evoke emotion whether, humorous or poignant – this is the assembly of what you wish to have recorded and remembered.

Submissions aren’t restricted to just stories – photographs, documentation and articles from
other sources are welcomed.

Submissions can be made via mail:

Tac Hel Memories Project
1 Wing Headquarters
CFB Kingston
PO Box 17000, STN Forces
Kingston, O K7K 7B4

or online at

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