Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Remember Me

Today, a fellow Military Mom had sent a link for a slideshow to me. After watching it, (with kleenex in hand) I thought I'd share it with you. Thank you Debbie.

Here's a fabulous and touching piece. Lizzie Palmer who put this YouTube slide show together is 15 years old. (this alone speaks for itself!)
There have been over 3,000,000 hits as of the morning of May 13th.
Here's Lizzie's bio:
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15

I'm a sophomore in high school in Ohio, and I play the flute/piccolo. I plan on joining the U.S. Army after I graduate. I only hope I can make America as proud as our troops today have, and I hope I can honor them in the way they deserve with my videos.
I love talking to American military personnel, but it's not very often that I get the chance.
Hope you all have a great day and God bless!
Miss you, Prisca!=)

"Thank you Lizzie!!.. you are amazing! Thank you for reminding us to reflect on our actions and most importantly, to support our troops, whether they are in the United States, Canada, England, etc.. we are family, united and are working for the same cause."

Here's her video entitled "Remember Me" :


1patriot said...

What a beautiful site.

I blog on 'Today's Word' and 'My Word for Today'

Thank you for making important posts like this to keep us strong.

Senza cere, T.

Beth VanHoose said...

We in the USA are hearing you - 2 years later! I honor you and your family! God Bless you!

Unknown said...

Patti Hughes said: My grandson Shayne Smalling is a Marine in Afghanistan. Thank you Lizzie, your video made me smile & cry. I pray he makes it home safely!