Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Parade November 18-06

November 18, 2006 Even Santa Wore Red!

It was the morning of November 18th - the KW Santa Claus Parade! One of many days we shall remember our troops! The Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan participated in the parade with a float . The focal point of the float was a tree adorned with a multitude of yellow bows, white lights and Canadian flags.

The red sides were accented with garland, white lights, large yellow bows and the 32 foot banner - signed by the people of the Waterloo Region in support of our troops serving in Afghanistan.

The "Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan" warmed the cool air with pride - beaming from within. It was a day filled with comradery, hugs, glances and nods of "it's going to be o.k." and heartened support.Support not only from the soldiers' families, but from our Waterloo Region families as well - cheering and clapping as the float passed. The muffled claps were heard- muffled from mittens on that cool November morning. Little children looked up and would yell: "Merry Christmas" .. or "thank you" ( a thank you to our soldiers as conveyed from their parents standing behind them)

Newly Re-elected Mayor of Kitchener, Carl Zehr and family stopped by to wish us well.

Many thanks to Mr. Voison from Double R Steel Inc. for donating the use of his truck for the parade! And thank you Ken being our driver and assisting us in decorating - your devotion is truly appreciated by all!

We're supportive and patriotic to our troops- our heroes!

One of the soldier's moms was seen running full speed (no wonder her son is proud of her - she could pass the forces test hands down! :) she came running up the sidewalk, shouting greetings and words of support as she shivered alongside a co-worker in the cold November morning. I hope you caught my hug L.!

Driving along King Street towards Kitchener. The support from the crowds was prevalent.



Note to my son: Your phone call that morning meant the world to me - as it always does. I conveyed your message onto the "Families of Soldiers in Afghanistan" group. I really thought of what you said about dressing P. in red that morning and having him join us. However when there, I turned behind me to see which group was there.. and this is what I saw. (I can see you smiling:) Keep safe my son - I love you.

(Kitchener Humane Society)

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