Thursday, November 23, 2006

University of Waterloo Supports our Troops

November 22, 2006
The Student Life Centre - a true meaning of the words. A place where many students congregated, hustling between classes, stopping for a bite to eat, meet with aquaintances, catching up on classwork or tonight.. taking a moment of their time to sign a banner that will be sent to our troops in Afghanistan. Almost all of the second side of the 32 foot was filled with well wishes, thank you's, and personal messages to people that are serving overseas that are probably their age - their peers. Peers helping to establish the security necessary to promote development in Afghanistan.

Many students having signed the banner have pledged to Wear Red on Fridays. "HUA!"

Friends Supporting Friends

This message says it all. It's from a student whose home country was Afghanistan. Thank you Fatima. Bless you.
The banner grew with well wishes. CF sanctioned items were for sale. A chance to purchase tshirts, magnets and pins!
Friends say "Hi!"
Wear Red on Fridays!
Note to my son: Well I couldn't believe it. I found my way around the campus.. I only needed to stop to ask for directions a couple times :) haha I reflected as I walked past the gym. It was like a strange presence surrounding me as I stood in the SLC - a sense of many backflashes- Brubacher's, the big stairway, the hustle and bustle of students, yet it wasn't the same. When arriving at the table, I looked to the left and noticed this banner. I smiled and said, "I have to take a picture of this for my son" We'll have our perogies with the turkey, the pumpkin pie and the birthday cake :)

I then looked below and saw this awning.. and then a comforting feeling filled my heart... a part of you was there with me... and I smiled while a tear trickled down my cheek.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure the troops are fighting for *our* freedom in this instance. Afghani freedom, sure. In any case, I support them as you do, but I think it is important to accurately state what they are doing. Propagandic notions tend to dissolve support and work against you, I think.



Anonymous said...

I'd like to reiterate my point because I believe it is so very important. CF troops are not fighting for our freedom, but this is just fine. They don't have to. Canada as a nation recognizes the need to help others. It's not necessary to make such claims of freedom fighting and protecting Canada, its enough to say we're helping Afghanistan and leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

I believe..their goal is to defend Canadian interests at home and abroad by preventing Afghanistan from relapsing into a failed state that could provide safe haven for terrorists and terrorist organizations; as well they are providing the people of Afghanistan with the hope for a brighter future by establishing the security necessary to promote development; and helping the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people to build a stable, peaceful and self-sustaining democratic country.

Military Mom said...

Thanks Andrew. I have made a revision to the entry. I appreciate your support and welcome your comments. Take care.

Ann said...

Hi. I walked into an Avondale store last night, to find that they have prepared banners in support of our troops. Customers may sign, and add their best wishes, then the banners will all be joined together to create one big banner to be sent to Afghanistan! Looks like all the Avondale stores in the area are doing it.
I think its fantastic!

Military Mom said...

Hi Ann,
I think that's wonderful for Avondale to be doing this for the soldiers. The troops appreciate the support being shown here.
It didn't take long for our banner to be filled up with well wishes - Nov. 25th it was full and it is now enroute to Kandahar.

Can I ask which city the Avondale Stores are participating with the banner? I could post it, so we would take a moment of our time to sign them.

Thanks Ann for stopping by,
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

I'm a student at UW and I'm sorry I missed this opporunity to say thanks to our troops. I fully support our country and it's military operations abroad because those guys are putting their lives on the line for us no matter what. I wish them all the best of luck and hope they all make it home safe and sound. I proudly support Canadian troops!!!!!!

Military Mom said...

Hi UW student! :) I have printed your comments off and sent them to the troops. I know they would love seeing what you have written. Your words would truly inspire them- as well as the military families. Right guys? :) Thank you!