Thursday, November 23, 2006

CTV's Merry Christmas Message from Families

November 22-06

"From Canada to Kandahar - Merry Christmas to our Heroes!"
This evening, families from the Waterloo, Guelph and Hamilton Regions gathered at CTV as they were given the opportunity to send their sons a Merry Christmas Greeting! CTV is producing a special DVD which will be sent them in Afghanistan.
It was an evening of reflections, smiles, support and tears. We were joined by Cpl Ryan Pagnacco who alongside his fiancee gave the troops words of support and well wishes.

As well, Nicole Lampa will be featuring a segment on November 23rd on the greetings to our soldiers. Thank you CTV for giving us this opportunity to correspond with our sons and daughters at an important time of the year, a time when there will be an empty chair - a time many will reflect on past Christmases, yet looking forward to the future ones ahead. Our yellow ribbons await their return.

Behind the scenes:

"We're all Wrapped up in Support for our Heroes"
(this 32 foot banner has been signed (both sides) by the many people of the Waterloo Region who have taken time to write a message of support to our troops. Thank you Waterloo Region! This banner will be forwarded soon to our troops in Afghanistan.

Note to my son: I reflect on the past Christmases we cherished together, the snowy, stormy rides on the highway, the morning we awaken and "guess what's in the box" - I never could fool you with those noodles :) I will think of you as I look at the tree adorned with the yellow bows this year. Son, you're always in my heart and my love I send to you in my hugs in the wind. I love you always.

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