Saturday, November 04, 2006

I have come across another news article about Andria Hill-Lehr. She's the mother of a soldier who will be leaving for Afghanistan this month. She has been participating in the Anti-War Rallies. I understand she wants safety for her son.... but... She is quoted as saying "I am ashamed of wearing a Canadian flag on my back" to "the best way to support them is to have them come home." um.. however... well.... read on and tell me how you feel.

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Rally on the antiwar path Afghan operation 'not Canadian way'
By Allison ChandlerThe Daily News

Support the troops, question the mission. This sentiment was echoed by many protesters, and illustrated on their signs, yesterday.Roughly 200 people gathered at the Parade Square in Halifax to protest Canada's participation in NATO-led operations in Afghanistan."Right now, I am ashamed of wearing a Canadian flag on my back," said Andria Hill-Lehr.She's a Wolfville mother of a 22-year-old soldier leaving for Afghanistan in November.She took part in the rally because she said Canada's role should be as peacekeepers and nation-builders, but not as combatants."What we are doing is wrong in Afghanistan. Destroying the country and promoting the U.S. imperialist agenda and corporate greed isn't it, because that's not the Canadian way," said Hill-Lehr.She does support her son's decision to serve, but worries his spirit will be changed forever."I want to send an absolutely clear message. There is a clear divide between love and support for our family members serving, but it is not synonymous with the support for a political agenda," said Hill-Lehr.Many people at the rally said it's important to define the distinction.Kevin Corkill of Halifax said people can wear red to support the troops, but still be against the war."The best way to support them is to have them come home," said Corkill. He brought his four-year-old daughter Keilidh, who has become quite accustomed to the protests she calls "Bush go homes."The hour-long protest was filled with musicians and speakers, and took to the downtown streets of Halifax with the leading banner reading: "You can't plant war and expect to harvest peace."The protesters were among hundreds of other Canadians marching in cities across the country yesterday.Nearly 500 people marched in Montreal, while in Toronto, NDP Leader Jack Layton repeated his call for the troops to be brought home from Afghanistan.
Halifax rally organizer Stuart Neatby, 24, of the Halifax Peace Coalition, said a recent NATO bombing resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many civilians and serves as an example for the removal of our troops."We don't believe Canada can do any good in Afghanistan within the confines of this mission," said Neatby."It's extremely important. It's Nova Scotia; everyone has a brother, nephew or high-school buddy ... it affects a lot of people."


FreeCyprus said...

A Pittance of Time

Military Mom said...

Well done FC!

Gerry said...

Hi Military Mom. This individual is behind the troops all the way. I've created a show that i titled Remember Them Well in support of our military. It's a combo of Remembrance Day, Wear Red on Fridays, a rub on the politicians and protesters while at the same time paying tribute to our forces--past and present.

If you are a supporter of our troops and wish to view it follow the link below. You can right click on the show when it opens to view in FULL SCREEN mode. If you are NOT a supporter maybe look anyway as it could be food for thought for you.

Pass it on--especially to Veterans. It will bring back memories to them. Enjoy

Military Mom said...

Hi Gerry,

Personally speaking on my own behalf, I support my son and other sons and daughters serving overseas , waiting to serve overseas and returned vets 200%

I have viewed your show (even before your posting) and found it to be EXTREMELY well done!
I recommend all to view it!

Thanks Gerry for stopping by my site and for sharing your show with us as well...
... Hey Military Families... check it out! It's awesome!

Gerry said...

I should have known you would have seen it because I found your ik at Dianne's Camoflauge Rose. I actually meant to post a different link to the show instead of MyTube--the one that Dianne has linked to at her site. It's a much better quality there and can be viewed in fullscreen

Anonymous said...

Some people will continuously point to our previous UN missions (not all were peacekeeping) as "Canada's historical role". This misconception completely overlooks and undermines our true history--the history borne on the battlefields of Vimmy, Passchendale, Ortona, and Normandy, to name a few.
I also need to add Korea (some forget that Korea was a UN mission). This view also undermines the sacrifices of the Canadians who fought and died on those battlefields.

This view, also overlooks and undermines the true dangers of previous UN missions, the deaths and casualties from those missions, and the sacrifices of the soldiers and their families.
Those who continuously call for our mission in Afghanistan (which is sanctioned by the UN) to somehow be "changed to peacekeeping" have little or no understanding of what "peacekeeping" actually was, is, and is not.
Those who say our soldiers should come home because they don't want them to be hurt or killed have little grasp of the reality that our soldiers could and do die on other overseas missions, and indeed right here in Canada on training exercises and domestic operations.
A soldier's job is sometimes dangerous, just like a police officer or firefighter's job, like people in those professions, soldiers know the dangers regardless of where they are serving or in what capacity. Why is it that some who accept the willingness of police officers and firefighters to risk their lives for others, have difficulty accepting the same from our soldiers?
I'll never understand why it is so difficult for some to accept that there are Canadians who are willing to risk their lives for something bigger than themselves.

(From the wife of a Canadian soldier training to be deployed to Afghanistan in February.)