Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27-06 We Mourn

__--------------------------------------(Photo by: Military Mom)

NOVEMBER 27, 2006

Our hearts are brought together as we mourn alongside our fellow military families upon learning of the news today at 6:51 am of two fallen Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan. Our prayers are with our families, as we, all mothers and fathers and families of all NATO Soldiers, stand together in prayer.

From CTV:

"Two Canadian soldiers are dead following a suicide bomber's attack on a military convoy in southern Afghanistan, officials confirmed Monday.
"I have to announce that two Canadian soldiers were killed just outside Kandahar City," said the Commander of Canadian Forces in Southern Afghanistan Brig.-Gen. Tim Grant on Monday.
"At about 8:30 this morning a suicide bomber attacked a Canadian convoy, detonating his vechicle and killing two Canadian soldiers."
Grant said the attack took place about one kilometre outside Kandahar City. continued..."

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families today.

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