Saturday, June 02, 2007

ATT Keeps US Soldiers Connected with Loved Ones


Steve Hodges, AT&T's Regional President for the Northeast
in New York with co-founders of Cell Phones for Soldiers,
Brittany and Robbie Bergquist.

Two teenagers 16 YEAR OLD Britanny Bergquist and her 15 year old brother Robbie from Massachusetts have enlisted the help of AT&T with their national Cell Phones for Soldiers program. It uses funds from recycled cell phones to buy prepaid phone cards for active duty military members – to help connect them with their families.
The non-profit initiative was established in 2004 to help U.S. military members serving overseas stay connected with their families.

Through generous donations and the recycling of used cell phones from drop-off sites across the country, Cell Phones for Soldiers has already raised more than $1 million and distributed more than 75 thousand phone cards to soldiers overseas.

U.S. soldiers receive free calling coupons
compliments of AT&T

U.S. soldiers connect with loved ones at home

In support of these young visionaries – and the many military families they support – AT&T has donated 10,000 prepaid phone cards to the nonprofit organization, so they can send more cards to military members.
Additionally, AT&T will offer select store locations across the country as drop-off sites to help recycle used cell phones for the program by summer of 2007.
By July 4th all AT&T wireless stores nationwide will be collecting phones for recycling. The initial rollout began today in the Northeast starting in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.
A long-standing mission of AT&T is helping connect military families.

" A great big HUA goes out to
Brittany and Robbie Bergquist and AT&T
for bringing troops and families together! "
What a great cause! Donate all your old cell phones and
help our soldiers connect with families.
For further information: AT&T assists soldiers and Cell Phones for Soldiers
Military Mom would also like to send a personal thank you to Laura Knapp.

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