Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Soldiers in CFB Petawawa Pay Tribute to Cpl Matthew McCully

Despite the heat, over 500 people gathered at the 1 RCR Drill Hall at CFB Petawawa to pay tribute to their fallen friend, Corporal Matthew McCully on June 12th, 2007. Family members,
friends, soldiers, retired veterans, and honourary guests filled the room to celebrate the life and
mourn the loss of their friend and hero. Corporal McCully, from 2 CMBG Headquarters and Signal Squadron was killed by an improvised explosive device during a patrol in Afghanistan on May 25,2007.
Colonel Thompson and Major Lambert off e r e d reassurance that Matthew did not die in vain. “What he did in Afghanistan, what ALL Canadians are doing out there, it is making a difference. It is making the world and Canada a safer place and is helping improve the lives of Afghan people…”
Major Lambert talked about Corporal McCully as a soldier who wanted to make a difference, and who wanted to serve in Afghanistan. He praised Corporal McCully’s courage and dedication,
and then spoke to the mourners, “I look around this room and I see soldiers of all ages, all trades, who felt exactly the same way Matthew did. He would be proud of you; and so am I”.

Following the Commanders’ words, some of Corporal McCully’s peers and friends spoke to his family and friends. “He immediately gained the respect of soldiers above and below his rank,” said Private Steven Hitchie. “He would complete any task without needing much time to prepare”, referring to Corporal McCully’s commendable placement in the Ironman; deciding that morning that he was going to compete.
Corporal Erik Muise described Matthew as being a commendable human being, compassionate,
generous and loyal. He talked about Matthew’s ability as a morale booster and of his reputation as a prankster, telling one particular story while on course in Kingston which brought laughter throughout the room. He closed with a passage that brought him to tears;

“Death left a heartache that no one can heal,

love left with memories that no one can steal,

I will remember you”.

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