Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday June 11th

WOW! I noticed the weather report from Afghanistan for 4:39 pm (Afghan time). Our troops are withstanding temperatures of
43 degrees celsius!!
Reminder: to send Wet Ones, disposable wet cloths, Pampers wipes, etc in your care packages! These help to a) refresh them out in the battlefields and b) provide them with comfort and sanitation until they return to base for a long anticipated shower.


Anonymous said...

My husband says its 50 degrees celcius now. They are drinking hot water and finding it difficult to swallow.


Military Mom said...

Hi Ann.. yes.. They have to keep downing that water.. and lots of it. I could not imagine.. the heat.. the uniform.. the tac vest.. kit..their equipment and the etc they carry. And at times sharing accomodations in a vehicle. Scorchers! I truly feel for them..