Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Canadian Citizens Raise $1 Million in Support of Our Troops

A big HUA to supporters!! If you need to purchase Support Our Troops
merchandise (military sanctioned),it's available through
or Sears outlets or RCAF or
Families of Soliders in Afghanistan email: focsia@hotmail.com

June 18, 2007

During the past year, Canadian citizens, through buying the
Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency's (CFPSA) official
"Support Our Troops" (SOT) t-shirts, caps, car magnets and
other merchandise, have raised $1 million in support of the
Canadian military community.

These profits will be distributed in their entirety to Bases, Wings,
and Units across Canada and will be used for
morale and welfare programs for Canadian Forces (CF) members
and their families. This could include, for example,
family events, site-specific funding of Canadian Military Family
Resource Centre (MFRC) programs, or innovative
activities that benefit CF members and their families.

Canadians have contributed to this remarkable accomplishment
by purchasing official CF-sanctioned
Support Our Troops merchandise online at the CFPSA website
www.cfpsa.com/supportourtroops), at various CF outreach
events and, for authorized patrons, at Canadian Forces Exchange
System (CANEX) outlets located
at Bases, Wings and Units nationwide. CANEX is a division of
CFPSA and their SOT merchandise is one of the many
ways that Canadians can demonstrate their support. Other
options, including donating to various military funds,
are listed on the CFPSA website.

CANEX routinely reinvests a portion of its profits directly
back to bases, wings, and units.

"This year, CANEX contributes over $4 million to the
CF community," says Gerry Mahon, president of CANEX.
"One million dollars from the Support Our Troops merchandise
sales, and over $3 million generated from regular operations.
These funds will be used for local morale and welfare
programs at Bases across the nation."

CFPSA develops and delivers morale and welfare programs,
activities and services to members of the CF and
their families, in Canada and overseas. These activities
include sports and recreation, health and fitness, family services,
retail operations, financial services and, mess management.
In addition, the CFPSA deploys approximately 60 civilian
personnel per six-month rotation to Afghanistan to conduct
morale and welfare programs.

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