Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toronto Votes to Retain Decals!

They have voted to retain the Support Our Troops Decals! Toronto Mayor David Miller has reversed his position and led a city council vote to continue to affix "Support our Troops" decals to fire and emergency vehicles in the city!!
The vote, which was passed unanimously Wednesday afternoon with a few councillors abstaining, also permits the police department to put the decals on its' vehicles!
Mayor Miller had said, "It is important for Canada's largest city to make a statement, symbolism matters a lot." (he should have never have let it get this far.. he should have stood his ground from the beginning.. kinda reminds me of a willow tree... bending both ways. However, I'm happy he swayed in support of our troops!)
The vote by city council reversed a plan by city staff to have the decals removed in September, a year after they were added to about 170 of their fire trucks and 175 ambulances.
Earlier this week, Miller said that he backed the decision to remove the decals and that they were only intended to be affixed to the vehicles for one year!! One year!! (let's support our troops for one year and that's it??? geesh! ) He had said that some people found the decals to have a political message in support of the war and that was not appropriate for city vehicles.
But the Toronto mayor said he changed his mind this morning, after learning of the deaths of three Canadian soliders in Afghanistan.(I don't think it should take this news to sway.. he should have stated a strong, positive position from the beginning!) Miller stressed that he also wanted to correct the erroneous impression in some media reports this week that city council does not support the individual members of the military serving in Afghanistan - to which he was stating through his actions!! He had hurt many military families and members through his statements.

He's such a wishy washy guy! One second he says the decals will be removed ... as some citizens of Toronto complained that the decals represented support of war.. and then this... "It is important Toronto demonstrate its support for the troops, since there was a perception that it didn't," said Miller. He added that the city always flies its flags at half-mast if someone from the Toronto area is killed in Afghanistan and other measures have been taken previously to show support.
I want to thank everyone that took the time to email Mayor Miller today and let your voices be heard.. I believe we made a difference.

..and then there's Councillor Pam McConnell
Pam McConnell, one of the few councillors to abstain from the vote, said "The way to support our troops is to bring them home," said McConnell, who is opposed to Canada's military role in Afghanistan. McConnell noted that she was an infant when her father was killed in World War Two. A nephew was recently injured serving in Afghanistan. The councillor also disagreed with suggestions that the "support our troops" decals are a political and not connected to support for the military deployment in Afghanistan."They are exceedingly political."

...and.......... If you'd like to write Councillor Pam McConnell a note or email,
here's her address: (I think she may need to hear from military families and friends as well)

Pam McConnell
City Hall

100 Queen Street West, Suite A7
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2


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