Monday, July 02, 2007

Dismayed with Kitchener's Sears Store Display

...and underwear? = Kitchener

O.k... I have to get this off my mind. Canex had co-ordinated with Sears to sell Support Our Troops merchanise. Thinking Support merchandise would be readily available to everyone! I thought Wow! A good promoation for Sears to be the ones selling it!... prominent displays... and... It will make it easier for everyone to obtain merchandise. (this would be great with the convenience of obtaining merchandise instantaneously, but mostly the exposure!)

Well, last month, I happened to walk through the Sears Store in Kitchener, ON -on the hunt for.. you guessed it.. Support Our Troops wear (as promised to be sold by their store- I do this in each Sears store I walk in)

Not seeing anything at first, I searched for assistance and happened upon a clerk and asked her. She asked another clerk and.. that clerk then needed assistance finding "the display". Finally, ending up in the

Mens Wear

department - on a back post were a couple of dishevelled pegs of hats and tshirts. There they were.... obscured.. why and by what you ask??...

I looked at the clerk and said, "Well, no wonder there seems to be difficulty finding it... I never would have thought of looking for "Support Our Troops" merchandise behind

blocked by

displays of socks and underwear that had been pushed in front of it! How dishonourable!"

(I revisted at a later date and nothing was changed.. actually it was worse. I even straightened the merchandise out. Sears - if you get the honour of receiving the merchandise to sell in your store, at least honour our soldiers by displaying it properly and ... with honour. Don't hide it behind socks and underwear!)

I understand this morning that Kitchener is not the only store in Ontario with this display. Should it be a scavenger hunt?

Where is the Support Our Troops merchandise in the Sears near you?


Ricardo said...

I went to SEARS in Mississauga Erin Mills and Eglinton and could find the red shirts with the yellow ribbon somewhere hanging together with other clothing . I had two different experiences, one was that one sales associate didn't know about the existance of the shirts, the other was a wonderful women at the cashier. She told me that she was trying to make the people buy the shirts and went sad every time they refused. I told her my son is in Afganistan and she almost started crying and wished him the best and told me to say thanks to him.

Military Mom said...

Thanks Ricardo for taking the time to write and thank you for letting us know about these branches.
My best to your family and your son. My prayers are with him and his battlegroup as they complete their tour. Godspeed.