Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MP Supports our Troops

With the debate of the "yellow ribbon" and support of our troops, it was encouraging when I read this letter that MP Laurie Hawn had written to all fellow members of parliament. How refreshing after all the other discouraging and upsetting emails sent to military families lately by a Mississauga councillor.

A big HUA to Mr Hawn of Edmonton for your support and encouraging support for our family members and friends serving in the military!


June 21, 2007

Laurie Hawn, MP
Edmonton Centre
400 Justice Bldg.
House of Commons

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing today to members from all parties to support our troops. Today, I will be working with Edmonton City Councillor Mike Nickel to have the yellow ribbon "support our troops" decal put on municipal emergency response vehicles.

While I know many of us have the disagreements over the deployment of Canadian troops to Afghanistan, we do not and should not disagree over supporting the safe return of our men and women in uniform to Canada, and that is what the yellow ribbon represents.

I am urging all of my fellow parliamentarians to work with their respective municipal councillors and governments to have the yellow ribbon placed on their municipal emergency vehicles. Imagine a nation wide campaign to unite the country over the bravery of our soldiers. It is a small way that we can show we support their bravery and sacrifice for the freeedom that we enjoy every day.

Thank you so much for a wonderful spring session, and I hope some of you can help your cities and towns and rural villages support our troops over the summer.

Laurie Hawn, MP
Edmonton Centre

To view Mr Hawn's site or to send him a note, click here

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