Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Vision Standards For CF Aircrew Candidates

July 25, 2007
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Canada's Air Force has recently approved updated vision standards for aircrew candidates.

Under the new standards, applicants who wear glasses or contact lenses to provide modest correction to their vision are now eligible for consideration, whereas previously, applicants required uncorrected vision. The decision to adjust the minimum vision standard is based on the findings of a scientific review by a third party contractor with oversight from Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC).

"The updated standards are based on scientific measurements that more accurately reflect the reality of operator requirements," said Chief of Air Staff Medical Advisor, Captain (Navy) Cyd Courchesne. "This is good news for the Canadian Forces as well as for many aircrew candidates, who in the past did not quite meet the previous vision standards."

The previous standards were based on a Second World War-era policy that uncorrected vision was necessary to fly combat aircraft, however, this policy was not substantiated by scientific research. It was decided that the vision standard for aircrew candidates should be based on modern scientific testing in order to be as fair and as inclusive as possible to all those desiring to become Canadian Forces aircrew.

Within the aircrew occupations, the new vision standards have the most impact for prospective pilots. There will be no change in the expected flying performance of pilots because of the adjusted standards.

Applicants who have had corrective (laser) eye surgery are not eligible for entry into the pilot occupation.

The Canadian Forces has not had any difficulty attracting pilot applicants in the past several years. In the future, the new vision standard will result in a larger pool of applicants and a more competitive selection process.

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