Friday, July 13, 2007

A Reprieve

I'm back for a short bit - recomposition you might call it. Thank you to everyone for your notes and emails in my absence. And a special thank you to Matt for our talk, it really helped. And Jennifer for your note :)
While away, I read about all the great work done in the Waterloo region in regards to getting support magnets on vehicles! A big HUA to Paul Filsinger- member of the FOCSIA group for initiating the efforts! Your letters and emails really made it happen!

Flying (literally) on the 401 early Friday morning, I couldn't help but notice a huge flag. This flag at the Husky Travel Centre (exit 195 - 401 eastbound at 74.) was at half mast - for our troops. Even the flag looked sad, slowly moving, bemoaningly looking towards the ground. Thank you HUSKY for memorializing our troops.

I also read about the repatatriation in Trenton. What a sad, sad day. Tears flowed greatly with thoughts of the families of our 6 fallen soldiers. God bless them all.

Remember to keep up the support, remember and recognize our troops and I'll update soon. Once again - thank you.

It's Friday! Wear RED today!

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Anonymous said...

I frequently drive the 401 corridor between Guelph and London and every time I see that giant flag at half mast it makes me proud. I know it means we have lost more brave soldiers, but it makes me proud to see such a giant sign of respect for the fallen.