Friday, July 13, 2007

A Letter from Paul Filsinger

This is a letter from Paul Filsinger. Paul had initiated an email writing campaign to council members in the Waterloo Region to gain support for our troops. Vehicles in the Waterloo region are now adopting to sporting the "Support our Troops" magnets and decals. As well the police officers will be affixing pins to their lapels. Paul's letter speaks well on behalf of military families. Thank you Paul! A big HUA!

Thank you for your support
Thank you does not seem adequate to express appreciation for the recent decision made by local politicians to display the Support Our Troops ribbons on municipal vehicles as a tangible show of support for the men and women in the Canadian Forces. The yellow ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol that expresses support for our troops. It conveys that we think of them, honour them, and hope for their safe return home.
Therefore, we simply want to say thanks. Thank you to Mayors Zehr, Halloran, Craig, and councillors of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. You listened, considered our request, and then acted decisively to display the ribbon. To Regional Chair, Ken Seiling and councillors for joining the growing grassroots yellow ribbon campaign that is sweeping across the Region. To Police Chief Larry Gravill and Police Board for the addition of the lapel pin for the men and women of our police force who serve and protect our communities every day. To EMS, thank you for your support for our troops by affixing a special decal to your emergency vehicles. To the Tri-cities Fire Chiefs, Firefighters Association, and staff for your support to display the yellow ribbon. To the media and citizens of the region who stepped forward to express and show your support. And to the growing number of people and companies in the community who are displaying the yellow ribbon on your vehicles, lapels, and homes, our sincerest thanks. You have stood together in solidarity with our sons and daughters and their families. Thank you for your support.

Paul Filsinger
On behalf of – Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan

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