Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day
to our military families
to our soldiers overseas!

Show your colours today!
Remember our soldiers preparing to serve, serving, our Veterans, and our fallen soldiers.

Click on label above to view Canada Day messages from Afghanistan via CPAC.

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan retired their camouflage fatigues today and sported some red and white in celebration of Canada Day.

Troops gathered around the boardwalk in Kandahar to raise a mug of Tim Horton's coffee and eat a few donuts.

"It's like finally getting a little taste of home, being surrounded by all this,'' Cpl. James Nickerson, 34, of Canso, N.S., said as walked the Kandahar boardwalk that was decorated with strings of Canadian flags.

"Now if it could only just snow.''

After an afternoon of sports events and contests, soldiers will gather for a barbecue and the coveted prize of the day -- two cold beer.

Labatt Breweries is sending a shipment of its signature Labatt Blue brand along with the good wishes of Canadians.

As part of its Message in a Blue Bottle program, Labatt is encouraging Canadians to show their support and appreciation by posting a Canada Day message to the troops on

The size of the shipment of beer has to comply with military regulations but it will likely work out to a couple of beers for each of the approximately 2,500 members of the Canadian Forces now deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The shipment of beer is a long-standing tradition for Labatt. The company delivered 50 Anniversary Ale to Canadian soldiers during the Korean War in 1950-51.

"For me, it's just a great representation of our contribution over here,'' Sgt. Andy Smith, 42, based out of Petawawa, Ont., said of the festive events.

"When you see all the soldiers and all the civilian staff we have here taking part and helping run the events and participating in the events, it's awesome.''

Sgt. Steven Gardiner said Canada Day in Afghanistan was partly about remembering the soldiers who lost their lives.

"This is to celebrate what they gave up,'' Gardiner, a reservist from Hamilton, said.

"The freedom they're giving the Afghan people.''

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